Vector Fins – R+D

“We have a broad team of  Pro PWA  to everyday sailors testing our product constantly in different places and conditions.

No fins are put on the market for the public without have been tested through and the performance  has been  acknowledged by our team.

Special requests and new ideas from our team riders  is made up on our facility in Maui, where we can quickly make a proto type fin and ship out to anywhere in the world.

Our system is very efficient and it has a great value  for us so we can stay on the leading edge of performance and technology.

The development is constantly moving ahead. Boards and rigs changes through the years, meaning that different requirement is needed for the fins all the time..

We have a broad selection of  fin choices and there is a good reason for this, as there is a lot of factors like board shape, rider style, sailing conditions etc, that will pinpoint what fin you need.

It is our responsibility together with our world wide team to help you choose the right fin for you…”


Enjoy the ride…

Vector Fins